Violette Tonuzi was born in Paris, France and grew up in Brooklyn, New York, the 3rd girl in a family of five girls. As a hairstylist over many years, her clients have been mostly women. Violette devotes herself to making women feel and look great while keeping on top of the most current trends in fashion.

But, a hem falls just as you are running out for a date, a shirt will not stay buttoned without a little help, a scarf will not stay put unless fastened. What is a girl supposed to do?

Common silver and gold safety pins are visible and unattractive when going for a clean and polished look.

Violette summoned her long-term friend and fellow fashionista Lenore Solmo to help her to re-fashion the safety pin, and Violette's Pin-ups™ were born, a necessary accessory in every girl’s wardrobe.

Violette's Pin-Ups™ come in a variety of colors, so that they blend into the tints of the fabric you’re wearing. You can use Pin-Ups for bra stability in slinky shirts. You can discreetly keep your décolletage closed at the office, then, with a snap, unfasten your Pin-Ups before stepping out on a night out. If you are a rebel, why not wear a contrasting color Pin-Ups that makes it clear the garment can easily be unfastened?

With so many different colors, why not use Pin-Ups around the house? Why not fasten the curtain that does not close properly with a Pin-Ups? Ruche the skirt around your bed skirt. Keep your comforter from bunching at the bottom of your duvet with discrete Pin-ups on the corners. The possibilities are endless!

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